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Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product

 Kanefusa is recognized throughout the world as a premium tool manufacturer and satisfied users testify to the reliability of their products and services.

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Board Pro III - Heavy Duty Saw Blade

Board Pro III is tipped with a highly wear and corrosion resistant carbide grade. Polymer injected laser slots dampen saw vibrations and reduce the sawing noise.

Special carbide grade outlasts conventional grades 2-3 times enabling more machine run time and lower grinding cost Saw blade runs quieter due to vibration damping elements in the plate Extreme flat plate and tight manufacturing tolerances enable to a truer run out for a better cut quality

Application Sizing and finish cutting
Machines Beams saws, vertical panel saws and table saws
Materials Laminated and raw particleboard, MDF, cement fibre board and polymer plastics

Download Brochure pdf


Cutting tools are an essential part in the manufacturing process of almost any product in any industry all around the world. Productivity, product quality, quality rates and the effective use of resources depend on the quality of the tools used. Kanefusa develops, manufactures and supplies value-added tools and services to users in the woodworking, metalworking, plastic and paper industries.

Primary woodworking Sawmills - Plywood and veneer manufacturing - Solid wood Panel manufacturing  
Solid Wood Processing Planning Mills - Window and Door Manufacturing - Furniture Manufacturing. Etc.
Panel Processing Kitchen & Bathroom - Component - Laminate flooring - Interior Door manufacturing. Etc.
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