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Solid Carbide tools for grooving, jointing, finishing, panel-sizing of aluminium and synthetic parts, various kinds of wood composites and panel materials, on routing and copying machines with or without computer control (CNC). Also applicable for solid wood and chipboard.

Spiral Cutters

Spirals are designed to shear the material cleanly and provide chip ejection. Tools run cooler and the edge lasts longer. Increased feed rates improved quality of cut, means increased productivity.
Right hand or left hand rotations. Up or Down cut, combined up and down cut to provide an excellent finish on both top and bottom edges
Application Cutting-copying-panel sizing
Machines Machining centre's - point to point machines -CNC routing- and hand held routers
Materials Solid Wood - Wood composites - plastic materials - laminates

Spiral Cutters with chip-breaker

Designed just like the standard spiral cutters but with chip-breaker features
Also available as a lock set cutter
Right hand or left hand rotations up or down cut.
Application Ripping - template routing - panel sizing   
Machines Machining centre's- point to point machines -CNC routing- and hand held routers.
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