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What is PCD?

  • PCD Polycrystalline Diamond is produced by sintering together micron sized diamond particles at ultra-high pressure and temperature in the presence of a metallic catalyst. The presence of the metal in the PCD structure together with Tungsten carbide substrate, confer a degree of toughness not found in a single diamond product

Can You Sharpen PCD tooling?

  • Yes - Using the same type of machines as other manufacturers, we are able to sharpen tools to the same degree of accuracy as when the tool was first made

What is TCT?

  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped Tooling
  • Monotungsten carbide, WC, or Ditungsten Carbide, W2C, is a chemical compound containing tungsten and carbon, similar to titanium carbide. Its extreme hardness makes it useful in the manufacture of cutting tools, abrasives and bearings, as a cheaper and more heat-resistant alternative to diamond.

Where do you deliver?

  • We Can arrange delivery almost any where. But we also have our own dedicated fleet of delivery vans covering  the Midlands- Northwest-Northeast of England, other areas covered by postal carriers, usually next day delivery.

How soon will I get my sharpened tools back?

  • Normal turn round is 5 working days but ,we can arrange same day with prior arrangement.

I'm not a business can you sharpen my tools?

  • Of course we can, give us a call, send us your tools we will sharpen and arrange delivery.

Can you make tools to fit my profile?

  • Yes. Send us a your material profile or drawing and we will do the rest.

Can you work from a CAD drawing?

  • Yes, We can work with most types of cad file types. We can also work from hand drawing, faxed documents etc.

Trouble Shooting Saw Blades

Wavy Saw Blade

  • Worn Flange--------------------------------------Change flange or regrind surfaces
  • Dirt between saw and flange----------------Clean Flange
  • Shaft is bent--------------------------------------Replace Shaft
  • Worn bearings-----------------------------------Replace bearings
  • Saw has been bent----------------------------Have it checked and re-tensioned

Wavy Finish on Board

  • Uneven side grind-------------------------------------Regrind side of blade
  • Wrong feed speed------------------------------------Consult with your technician
  • Misalignment of saw and fence------------------Align saw and fence
  • Dull saw blade-----------------------------------------Sharpen saw

Burning of material or saw blade

  • Feed too slow---------------------------------Consult with Unilap technician for information
  • RPM to fast------------------------------------Consult with Unilap technician for information
  • Too many teeth on saw blade-----------Consult with Unilap technician for information
  • Insufficient clearance-----------------------Change for larger kerf saw blade
  • Misalignment of saw and fence---------Align saw and fence
  • Deformation of work piece

Chipping material

  • Dull Scoring blade-----------------------------------------Sharpen scoring blade
  • Misalignment between main  and scorer---------Adjust scorer blade left or right
  • Kerf of scoring blade too thin for main blade----Adjust scoring blade up or down
  • Worn bearings---------------------------------------------Replace bearings
  • Beam pressure not sufficient---------------------Check beam pressure with operating manual

Trouble Shooting Spindle Tools

Vibrations of machines

  • Eccentric shaft-----------------------------------------Indicate shaft run out and repair
  • Rotation of spindle to fast--------------------------Lower spindle speed
  • Interior diameter spacers to large---------------Use spacers with correct I.D.
  • Machine not bolted down--------------------------Anchor machine to the floor
  • Worn bearings-----------------------------------------Replace bearings


  • Improper chip thickness---------------------------Call  your Unilap Rep -adjust feeds and speeds
  • Resin builds up on tool----------------------------Clean tool periodically
  • Inadequate chip evacuation----------------------Change or modify dust extraction

Poor Tool Life

  • Incorrect Feed speed------------------------------Adjust
  • Incorrect Spindle speed---------------------------Adjust
  • Chip evacuation--------------------------------------Dust extraction
  • Run out in spindle----------------------------------- Indicate/check bearings

Tool tip breaking or chipping

  • Knots in material------------------------------------Remove Knots before profiling
  • Chip load to high------------------------------------Reduce feed speed
  • Dirt behind replacement tips--------------------Clean seats before fitting inserts
  • Deformed insert seat------------------------------Service tool after any mishaps © 2007 HomeCompanyProductsServicesFAQsContact
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