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Straight - Profiled - Simple - Complex - The choice is yours

Universal cutter block with serrated knives

Profiled Spindle Knives

Profiled Knives, Euro Universal Blocks, Serrated Knives. Made to your specification With a vast range of simple or complex standard profiles to choose from, you can always create the edge profile you need. Manual or Auto feeds
Grooving Cuttersrebate blocks with scribing knives replaement tip

Grooving, Rebating

  • Grooving tooling ,brazes or replacement tip, fixed and adjustable
  • Rebate tooling
  • Decorative Groove cutters
  • Interchangeable Knives
  • Vari-angled Cutterheads
Door profile tooling ,replacement tipLeut profile cutter

Window and Door Production

  • Tools for the production of furniture, cabinet and door fronts,
  • cutter sets for door fronts,
  • Brazes or replacement tip
Luet finger jointerPanel raising spindle tooling,replacemant tip

Jointing, Panel Raising

  • Jointing cutters
  • Panel raising
  • Edge profiling
  • Mitre lock cuuters
  • Tongue and groove
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