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Arbors, Chucks and other Clamping Elements for CNC Machines

Universal CNC Boring Chucks

  • High-precision design ensuring concentricity
  • Thoroughly balanced.
  • For safe clamping of shanks in a chucking capacity of 1-13 and 3-16mm, on CNC - Routers with Auto tool-change

Collet Chucks

  • High Precision body, tempered , ground
  • Hollow taper shanks HSK50F-- HSK63 F   SK30/SK40 Taper Shanks
  • Clamping of parallel tools
  • Collet sizes from 3-25mm
  • Can be used for right or left-hand rotation
  • Collets,-ER16-ER20-ER25-ER32-ER40
Hydraulic Chuck

Hydraulic Clamping Chuck

  • Tempered and Ground tool body
  • Thoroughly balance for rotation up-to 25000rpm
  • Increased surface finish and increased tool life
  • High clamping precision ensure tool is gripped concentrically
  • High clamping power allows transmission of higher torques

Tribos Power shrink Chucks

  • Maximum concentricity and repeat accuracy (<0.003mm)
  • Excellent balancing recommended for speeds up-to 40,000rpm
  • Maximum Tool life- no stress on material permanent heating and cooling cycles
  • No restrictions -all shank materials can be clamped in the same chuck
  • Extremely slim design-easy access to the work piece


  • Saw flanges
  • Mounting of single and multi piece cutters with bores 16,20and 30mm
  • Mounting of planing or profile cutters
  • Filling pieces to cover  and protect HSK interface or un-used spindles © 2007 HomeCompanyProductsServicesFAQsContact
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